Ad PacksSmall, local businesses and national advertisers count on Schmidt’s turnkey marketing programs, print services and countless resources to cost-effectively target consumers at the local level.
From acquiring a targeted list through managing the entire production process, we can help you reach and engage the right audience with the right marketing vehicle.
Let us help you achieve your marketing objectives by targeting consumers with the following print services customized for their local market:

Create Brand Awareness

Self Mailers  |  Brochures  |  Postcards
Freestanding Newspaper Inserts

Drive Store Traffic

Freestanding Newspaper Inserts  |  Ad Packs  |  Package Inserts
Brochures  |  Cooperative Direct Mail  |  Self Mailers

Acquire New Customers

Freestanding Newspaper Inserts  |  Ad Packs
Brochures Self Mailers  |  Cooperative Direct Mail

Increase Sales

Freestanding Newspaper Inserts  |  Ad Packs  |  Self Mailers
Cooperative Direct Mail  |  Brochures

Develop Customer Loyalty

Self Mailers  |  Brochures  |  Newsletters