Schmidt Printing has been serving locally owned businesses and world leading organizations in the Rochester, Minnesota, area for a century. We partner with business owners and marketing professionals to create direct mail campaigns that drive store traffic and promote customer loyalty.
Whether it’s our free-standing newspaper insert program, the Community Connection Media Clear Pack or one of our other unique direct mail formats, Schmidt can help you grab the attention of consumers in the greater Rochester area.

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Contact us at (507) 775-7530 or to learn more about how Schmidt can help you achieve your marketing objectives.

Create Brand Awareness

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Drive Store Traffic

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Acquire New Customers

Freestanding Newspaper Inserts  |  Ad Packs  |  Brochures
Self Mailers  |  Cooperative Direct Mail

Increase Sales

Freestanding Newspaper Inserts  |  Ad Packs  |  Self Mailers
Cooperative Direct Mail  |  Brochures

Develop Customer Loyalty

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