According to a DMA study, 42 percent of people prefer to respond to direct mail on-line. Other research shows that incorporating personalized URLs (aka PURLS) lifts response two to five times more than regular direct mail.

Personalized URLs invite each recipient to their own “private screening” of your product or service. Or you simply invite them to learn more – on their own terms.

Schmidt’s cross-media marketing solutions enable you to link the impact of direct mail with the interactive capabilities of the Internet. By linking these two powerful response channels together you can:

  • Significantly improve direct marketing response rates
  • Generate more qualified leads
  • Convert high-quality leads into revenue
  • Profile and segment responders for more targeted marketing efforts
  • Measure results in real-time

Our cross-media marketing solutions also enable you to:

  • Utilize personalized QR codes
  • Generate leads via e-mail
  • Capture web visitors for hand off to another system like a corporate web site or registration system that does not support personalized URLS.

Let Schmidt help you build cost-effective cross-media marketing campaigns that will drive measurable results.

Cross-Media Services

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