Direct Marketers count on our printing and postal expertise to deliver response-generating direct mail on time and within budget.
Whether you need a simple postcard or a complete direct mail package, Schmidt has the resources to meet your needs.

Variable Postcards

Variable ImageOur digital web press enables us to print, address, UV coat and cut to size millions of variable postcards that come off press ready for the Post Office.  No one can beat our postcard prices.

Whether the variable portion of your postcard is simply the address or involves more complex variable text images, Schmidt’s HP Indigo W7200 digital web press combines the productivity of web printing with HP Indigo’s reputation for superior print quality.  At speeds that are twice as fast as sheet fed digital presses, the Indigo W7200 makes high volume variable postcard printing more cost-effective than ever before.

We added an in-line finishing system to the W7200 that trims to various postcard sizes and includes optional UV coating capabilities (one or two side) in order to drive out costs and production time from variable postcard mailing programs.

Contact us to discuss how we can serve your need for high-quality, cost-effective postcards.

Direct Mail Components and Packages

Direct Mail ComponentsLetters, buck slips, and brochures can be produced by Schmidt and sent to your mail house.

From a traditional #10 direct mail package to more unique formats, we have the capabilities and resources to help you target your audience with direct mail that generates results.

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Direct Mail Products and Services

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Addressing Letters  |  Brochures  |  Buck Slips


Self Mailers

Self MailersSchmidt offers a variety of self mailer formats that marketers use to build brand awareness, generate leads, drive store and web traffic, acquire customers and increase sales.

Whether it’s a simple postcard or one of our unique multi-function formats, our sales consultants are happy to discuss what will best fit your needs and your budget. Give us a call today!

Self Mailer Formats

Postcards  |  Business Reply Mail
Double Postcard  |  Tabbed Brochures


Cooperative Direct Mail

Cooperative Direct MailCooperative direct mail packages (also referred to as card packs and card decks) allow multiple advertisers to take advantage of the power of shared direct mail to reduce print and postal costs.

As the preferred producer and distributor of cooperative direct mail packages in the US and abroad, Schmidt understands how important ad sales are to a card pack’s success. That’s why we’re continually investing in new technologies and streamlining our processes for cycle-times that afford publishers more time to sell ads into their card deck.

In recent years we’ve expanded our card pack capabilities to include full-bleed formats, paper wrapped packages and resources to insert unique products such as die cut inserts, gift cards and magnets.

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Ad Packs

Ad PacksCompanies mail ad packs to promote their specific products and services. The single-piece format provides focused, individual attention on each product and service offer, which improves response rates.

Ad Packs contain individual advertisements from one organization that are packaged together and can be mailed or used as a package insert to drive website and store traffic. They can also be used for in-store promotions to drive sales and build customer loyalty.

A few of the advantages ad packs offer include:

  • A unique format that stands out from other forms of print marketing and gets noticed.
  • Clear packaging that can showcase gift cards, credit cards, product samples or other premium offers.
  • Focused attention by readers on each individual ad increasing the probability of offer redemption.
  • The ability to target a specific market segment and measure campaign results.

Our Direct Mail Services

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Letters  |  Brochures  |  Buck Slips  |  Self Mailers Cooperative Direct Mail  |  Ad Packs
List Acquisition and Hygiene Update
Inkjet Addressing  |  On-Site Postal Verification

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List Services

Schmidt’s experienced list processing team offers an array of services.  To meet the USPS Move Update requirement, we offer NCOALink processing, which allows the team to electronically process mailing lists against the USPS National Change of Address database.  This reduces undeliverable-as-addressed (UAA) mail by correcting input addresses prior to mailing, which helps mailers avoid unnecessary production and postage costs.  We offer list hygiene services such as DSF processing, de-duping, suppression and Nthing.  There is also a wide variety of variable data options that help promote increased consumer response.  International sortation is available as an option as well.  You may either supply your own list or we can acquire one for you as a certified list reseller.

Mail Services

USPS On-site Postal Verification is a value-added service we have for our customers.  We partner with freight logistics companies to drop ship to National Distribution Centers (NDC/ASF) and Sectional Center Facilities (SCF) in order to provide our customers the best postal rates.  We have additional postal optimization capabilities which include Co-Mail, Co-Pal and Commingling options.