Our experience with inserts extends beyond just insert printing. We understand how and why marketers use inserts, enabling us to help you achieve your business objectives.
You can count on our engineered processes to manage multiple versions and codes as well as efficiently distribute your inserts. Whether they are shipping to multiple magazine binderies, newspapers, fulfillment houses, or a single destination, you can count on us to package and distribute your inserts according to your required specifications.

Magazine & Catalog Inserts

Magazine InsertFor nearly three decades, we’ve been providing top publishers with magazine inserts that help acquire new subscribers. Multi-channel merchants also count on catalog inserts to drive web traffic and generate revenue.

Schmidt’s major growth in the 80’s and 90’s is attributed to the partnerships we established with magazine publishers by providing magazine insert card printing services.

By working with our customers, we’ve expanded our magazine and catalog insert card printing services to include new unique formats such as tear-out booklets and magnastrips.

Contact us today and let us partner with you to acquire new customers and generate revenue with inserts!

Common Magazine & Catalog Collateral Print

Blow-ins  |  Bind-ins  |  Cover Wraps  |  Onserts
Ad Cards  |  Belly Bands  |  Outserts  |  Reader Service Cards


Freestanding Newspaper Inserts

FSIWhether locally owned or part of a corporate franchise or dealer partnership, advertisers count on freestanding newspaper inserts (FSIs) to help drive store traffic and acquire new customers.

Schmidt prints freestanding newspaper inserts (FSI) for newspaper publishers, national advertisers and local business owners across the country. Freestanding inserts are effective in driving store traffic, acquiring new customers and increasing sales.

FSIs for Newspaper Publishers

National and local newspaper publishers rely on our printing expertise to provide high-quality, glossy freestanding inserts for their advertisers with consistent, reliable turn-times.

Package Inserts

Package InsertPackage Inserts are a cost-effective way to cross-sell or promote your products and services.

Package inserts are an affordable way to reach your target market in order to build brand awareness, drive store and web traffic, acquire new customers and generate new revenue.

Whether you use a simple 1-page flyer, multi-page brochure or a card pack, you can take advantage of this distribution method to promote your own products and services or sell it as ad space in order to generate revenue.

Package Insert Formats

Postcards  |  Brochures  |  Ad Packs  |  Flyers
Cooperative Direct Marketing Packs
Blow-ins  |  Buckslips  |  Bind-ins